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Houston Oilfield Accidents Due to Defective Equipment

Houston Oilfield Accidents Due to Defective Equipment

The oil and gas extraction industry is incredibly dangerous for workers. Employers have a responsibility to train employees to work safely, maintain their equipment, and manage the materials their workers come into contact with each day. Understanding these risks and training workers can prevent them can reduce the rate of injuries and deaths experienced in the oilfield.  There are some rules and regulations from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration meant to safeguard the health and safety of oil and [...]

Legal Options for Houston Oil Field Workers Injured on the Job

Injuries From Drilling Accidents & Blowouts

Blowouts, once referred to as “gushers,” are caused by drilling into high-pressure zones. If the pressure is not relieved, uncontrolled oil or gas can rush up the well, resulting in serious injuries or death.  Our Houston oilfield injury lawyers understand blowout injury cases. We have represented oil and gas workers in the past after they were seriously injured in a blowout. Drilling for oil and natural gas is a dangerous job. We have seen many cases and know that blowouts [...]

Houston Oilfield Accidents Due to Defective Equipment

What Causes Houston Oil & Gas Accidents

Skilled Attorneys Helping Those Injured In Gas Explosions & Oilfield Accidents Personal injury lawyers with experience in court will often talk about holding people or corporations accountable for negligence. Negligence is fairly simple; it just means that the poor behavior of another party fell below acceptable standards and contributed to your injuries. In the oil and gas field, negligence can be the result of a company’s complete disregard for proper safety measures. When proper precautions are not in place, gas [...]

Legal Options for Houston Oil Field Workers Injured on the Job

Improper Training Can Lead to Oil Refinery Accidents

Refineries are an important part of the energy production industry in Texas. However, not all refineries have safe operating procedures in place. Refinery accidents are known to cause catastrophic injuries, but they can be prevented when employees receive proper training.  These facilities are liable for ensuring that all employees have a full understanding of the equipment they use, the chemicals they are handling, and the potential hazards of combustion on the job site.  Refiners can reduce the risks of accidents and worker [...]

Who Is Liable in a Texas Trucking Accident?

Texas Oil Truck Accidents

Liability & Truck Accidents Oil and gas drilling is a massive industry in Texas which brings with it a greater number of trucks on the state’s roadways. In order to reduce the number of fatalities and severe injuries caused by crashes involving trucks and smaller passenger cars, trucking companies and their drivers are required to adhere to a set of state and federal regulations, including:  Trucking companies are required to hire qualified truck drivers and provide them with adequate training Drivers are [...]

The 5 Most Common Oil & Gas Injuries

The 5 Most Common Oil & Gas Injuries

Slip & Falls Slip and falls are the leading workplace accident internationally, but working with oil can greatly increase the chances of suffering a slip and fall injury on the job. Oil is a significant slip-hazard because its molecules slide on top of one another with little to no friction. This makes the oil very runny and slippery, regardless of the surface it is on. Dirt, concrete, grass, and other terrains can be unable to make oil spills a non-slipping [...]

Houston Oilfield Accidents Due to Defective Equipment

Is Workers’ Comp the Only Option After an Oilfield Accident?

Long hours, exhausting and demanding work in extreme heat, large and dangerous machinery. Highly combustible and toxic chemicals. These are just some of the risks faced by oilfield workers on a daily basis. They are hazards that make oil and gas extraction one of the most dangerous industries in the country. In fact, the oil and gas industry has the highest rate of catastrophic workplace injuries per worker, according to statistics from the U.S. government.  With the exception of those [...]

What Can a Houston Oil Field Injury Attorney Do for Me?

The Dangers of Oil Rig Falls

Dealing with the Aftermath of an Oil Rig Accident Workers laboring on an oil and gas drilling or exploration site find themselves performing many tasks — often from elevated heights. Falls are one of the leading causes of death in the oil and gas industry. If the owner or operator of the site fails to take proper measures to provide for worker safety, they can be placed in danger of suffering serious injuries due to a fall from a rig [...]

Legal Options for Houston Oil Field Workers Injured on the Job

Offshore Explosion Accidents in Houston

There are very few things about working on an offshore oil rig that isn’t hazardous. More than the fact that riggers are working in excessively deep water in comparative solitude, these workers are also handling heavy equipment, hazardous materials, and many other potential dangers. There are many things that can and do go wrong, but one of the largest dangers faced by workers is the risk of offshore explosions on oil rigs.  Many people remember the accident that happened five [...]

Types of Injuries in Houston Refinery Explosions

Why Oil Rig Workers Are at Greater Risk of Workplace Accidents

If you or any of your loved ones work in the oil and gas industry, you’re probably familiar with just how dangerous the line of work can be. There are many lucrative job opportunities available in the oil filed, but it’s also one of the most dangerous jobs for personal injury.  There are many lines of work in the oil rig industry. Your specific duties, the conditions, and any other issues all determine how great of a risk you may [...]