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Oilfield Accident Attorneys in Houston, Texas

Have you or someone you love been injured in an oilfield accident in Houston?  Call Connolly Law today to learn about your rights.

Although the oil and gas industry is extremely lucrative for the Texas economy, working in the oilfields presents unique challenges. Every day, workers go out and risk their lives in this industry. Sadly, countless men and women suffer serious and life-altering injuries. When workers are harmed while working in the oilfields, they are often forced to undergo extensive and expensive medical treatment.

In some cases, victims are forced out of work and into recovery for several months or years following their oilfield accident. In many cases, the victims are unable to ever return work because of permanent impairments resulting from their oilfield injury accident. In the very worst-case scenario, the victim may lose his or her life as a result of a deadly oilfield accident. 

If you or someone you love has been injured in an oilfield accident, you need to speak with a dedicated oilfield accident lawyer in Houston who has the experience and resources needed to take on these massive oil companies.  Attorney Kevin J. Connolly of Connoly Law has years of experience working for the oil companies but now focuses his area of practice on assisting the injured victims of these terrible oilfield accidents. 

Don’t Talk To Anyone About Your Accident- Speak to a Lawyer First

Not only do the mental and physical consequences take a tremendous toll on the injured victim, but the financial burdens that an oilfield injury victim faces can have an overwhelming impact on their entire family. Thankfully, when oilfield workers are harmed in serious accidents because of the reckless and negligent actions of another person or business entity, they may be able to obtain financial compensation to help alleviate some of the financial burdens that they will face as a result of their accident. In many cases, the injured victims are rushed by insurance companies to accept minimal settlement offers for their injuries and damages. Rather than accepting these low-ball offers, it is crucial for the injured worker to contact a skilled and experienced oilfield accident attorney in Houston as soon as possible to ensure their legal rights are protected.

Our dedicated Houston oilfield accident attorneys at Connolly Law are extremely passionate about helping accident victims get full and fair compensation for their legal claims. Attorney Kevin J. Connolly spent the first seven years of his career defending the legal rights of oil companies during tragic accidents. Now, his attention has shifted to protecting the rights of those who were injured as a result of an oilfield accident.  When oilfield workers are harmed in a serious accident, they can rest assured knowing their legal rights are protected while they focus on their recovery. 

Our attorneys review claims for victims and work with expert witnesses who can provide critical details in support of victim’s claims. We aggressively negotiate settlements for victims and are prepared to represent them at trial whenever necessary. Contact our personal injury attorneys in Houston as soon as possible to see how we can help you.

Legal Help after an Oilfield Accident in Texas

Victims who are involved in accidents in the gas and oilfields are often left with catastrophic injuries. In some cases, victims suffer permanent impairments that continue to impact their lives daily. Not only do these devastating injuries make it difficult for victims to perform various tasks and enjoy activities with their loved ones, but they often prevent victims from working. When victims are harmed in these serious gas and oil field production accidents, the mental and emotional consequences are furthered impacted by the financial suffering they are forced to endure. For this reason, it is imperative that victims reach out to a reputable oilfield accident attorney in Houston to ensure their legal rights are protected.

We at Connolly Law work passionately to help those who have been injured in a gas or oil rig accident protect their legal rights and get the justice they are entitled to. Our team of skilled and specialized oilfield accident attorneys is committed to fighting on behalf of clients to ensure that the people or entity that caused or bears responsibility, are held accountable for their actions or inactions. To do so, we perform various tasks on behalf of injured victims so they can focus on recovering while knowing their legal rights and best interests are protected. Some of the services our team helps victims with include:

  • Investigating the Scene of the Accident: There are numerous factors that can contribute to an oilfield accident. We understand the challenges victims have in holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions. For this reason, we go out to the scene of the accident and gather evidence on behalf of those harmed. We take pictures, record videos, and even gather surveillance footage whenever available. We hire experts who are able to recreate the accident to uncover various contributing factors to show who is at fault and how the accident occurred. 
  • Gathering Evidence in Support of a Claim: In addition to going out to the scene of the accident, we gather evidence to help support the claims of victims. We gather police reports, medical reports, and bills to determine the costs and damages resulting from an accident. Furthermore, we investigate the oil company to determine if they have a history of neglect and to determine how often workers are injured. Uncovering critical details in support of a victim’s claim will ensure those harmed have the best chances of getting the justice they deserve.
  • Speaking with Witnesses: If there were other workers present at the time of the accident, or bystanders, we will gather statements and testimony from them. These third-party statements can help uncover critical details surrounding an accident and show who is at fault. Furthermore, these statements can provide insight as to whether companies took proactive measures to prevent accidents from happening or if they suffered during an accident in the past.
  • Getting Victims the Money they Deserve: After putting solid cases together on behalf of victims, our team aggressively negotiates full and fair settlements to ensure victims get the maximum amount of compensation available for their claims. In cases where we are unable to come to a settlement agreement with the at-fault party, our team of aggressive personal injury attorneys in Houston provides proven and effective legal representation in a trial to ensure victims collect the maximum amount of compensation attainable for their claims. 
  • Help Victims Recover: We work diligently to ensure victims are in the best position possible after being injured in a devastating oilfield accident. Our personal injury attorneys in Houston help those harmed get the compensation they deserve for the medical treatment they need to recover. Furthermore, we help victims overcome collection efforts while they are out of work. We also help victims find medical professionals who can provide them with the care and attention they need for their injuries. 

We understand the challenges victims face after being harmed in a life-changing oilfield accident. Attorney Kevin J. Connolly Worked to protect the legal rights of oil companies for seven years of his career.  Many of the catastrophic oilfield accidents that he worked on during that time open his eyes and made him want to represent the injured victims who were suffering because of the injuries that they endured as a result of the careless, reckless, or negligent actions of the oil companies. This journy helped him better grasp the challenges victims face — physically, mentally, and legally, battling big oil companies. 

These experiences give the attorneys at Connolly Law a unique advantage to provide aggressive and compassionate legal representation to victims that ensure they obtain the justice they deserve and the compensation they are entitled to. 

Common Causes of Gas and Oil Field Production Accidents in Houston

Working in the oil and gas industries in Texas is inherently dangerous. Statistics show that approximately 4,000 workers are injured in the oil and gas industry each year. More than 100 of those men and women do not survive their injuries and pass away as a result.  

Similar to working in the construction industry, oilfield companies require people to work in unpredictable conditions and through extreme weather. In many cases, workers utilize heavy machinery that is powerful and sometimes unstable.

As the boom in the oil industry is set in full force, we are seeing more and more workers out in the oilfields performing dangerous job duties to ensure that the oil and gas industry continues to flourish. Workers are routinely injured while on the job. Some of the most common causes of gas and oil field production accidents and injuries we see in our area include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Pipeline Explosions
  • Equipment Failures
  • Rig Blowouts
  • Well Drilling Problems
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Offshore Helicopter Crashes
  • Gas Compressor Stations
  • Well Explosions and Fires
  • Equipment Level Problems
  • Improper Training
  • Improper Shut-Downs
  • Falling Equipment
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Supervision
  • Communication Issues
  • Toxic Fume Exposure
  • Contractor Negligence/Recklessness

There are also instances where victims sustain devastating offshore injuries in rigs. These maritime accidents while extracting oil and gas using Jones Act vessels can be truly devastating. In some cases, workers are provided additional protection under the Jones Act. This Act highlights laws that protect injured workers should they suffer debilitating injuries in an accident. When victims are harmed under these circumstances. Attorney Kevin J. Connolly has extensive experience handling these types of complex legal claims for victims in and around Texas. 

There are instances where injured workers are not protected by the Jones Act. When injured workers are not classified as “seamen”, they may qualify for benefits provided under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act. This act provides compensation and benefits for qualified maritime employees who sustain injuries. Filing an LHWCA claim can be complicated, especially when victims are trying to focus on getting better. For this reason, Connolly Law is committed to helping injured workers protect their legal rights and hold responsible parties accountable.

The Consequences of Gas and Oil Field Production Accidents

Victims involved in devastating gas and oil field production accidents often sustain life-altering injuries, like burn injuries, lost arms or legs, suffer brain trauma, lung or respiratory damages, head trauma, or even death. Some common injuries resulting from gas and oil field production accidents include:

  • Broken Bones
  • Neck Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries/Paralysis
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Internal Organ Injuries
  • Lung Damage from Fumes
  • Eye Damage/Vision Loss
  • Hearing Loss
  • Disfigurements
  • Permanent Scarring
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Electrocution Injuries
  • Chemical Exposures and Burns

Given the nature of this line of work, some drilling accidents are unpreventable. The unfortunate truth is that many people who are injured in gas and oil field production accidents are forced to deal with a plethora of consequences. In the majority of cases, victims not only suffer physical pain and suffering but mental and emotional consequences. Couple all of that with the financial devastation that often accompanies a serious injury and the situation becomes overwhelming. Many victims are left with injuries that cause intense pain and emotional distress. Sadly, those injured oilfield workers are also forced to endure:

  • Lost wages due to not being able to work the same job or hours
  • Less time to enjoy with family and friends
  • Expansive and expensive recoveries from injuries
  • Stacking medical bills
  • Dealing with the oil companies who fight to pay you as little as possible for your injuries

Our compassionate team of oilfield accident attorneys at Connolly Law work to help victims and their families move forward after their accident by protecting their legal rights and ensuring they receive the full and fair compensation that they are entitled to for their injuries and losses. 

Injured Oilfield workers may be entitled to compensation to help alleviate some of the financial burdens resulting from their accidents. Lawsuits can be brought up against employers, subcontracting companies, designers, and various other parties who may share responsibility in victims’ injuries. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an accident, one or more parties can be held liable for injuries and damages resulting from an accident.

Why Work with Connolly Law

The fact that more workers are performing oil and gas well duties with aging equipment places them at an increased risk of being harmed in devastating accidents. These accidents have claimed the lives of more than 1,500 people between 2008 and 2017 while leaving thousands more to deal with painful and life-altering injuries.  

With over a decade of experience, Connolly Law is dedicated to helping accident victims and their families get the justice and compensation they deserve. We, at Connolly Law, understand the difficulties victims face after being injured in an accident. Attorney Kevin J. Connolly knows first-hand the aggressive approach oil and gas production companies take when fighting to defend themselves after accidents involving the serious injuries or death of employees. His legal experience surrounding oilfield companies provides Connolly Law with a proactive stance to help those harmed get the justice and the maximum amount of compensation available for their claims. 

With an expansive background in business and software, coupled with his knowledge and experience surrounding gas and oil field production accidents, victims can expect Attorney Kevin J. Connolly to find information pertinent to their claims to ensure they have the best chances of getting the justice they deserve from those who cause them harm. If you were injured in an oilfield accident, by no fault of your own, contact our personal injury attorneys in Houston at (832) 767-3568 to explore legal options available for you.