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What Can a Houston Oil Field Injury Attorney Do for Me?

The Dangers of Oil Rig Falls

Dealing with the Aftermath of an Oil Rig Accident Workers laboring on an oil and gas drilling or exploration site find themselves performing many tasks — often from elevated heights. Falls are one of the leading causes of death in the oil and gas industry. If the owner or operator of the site fails to take proper measures to provide for worker safety, they can be placed in danger of suffering serious injuries due to a fall from a rig [...]

Watson Grinding Refinery Explosion in Houston

Watson Grinding Refinery Explosion in Houston

Plant and refinery explosions are often complicated, requiring extensive investigations by experts in refinery operations. These investigations look into many factors, including: What caused the accident?  Did it happen due to faulty equipment?  Was it caused by an OSHA violation?  Was the negligence of a contractor or third-party maintenance concern involved? As an accident victim or family member of a victim, you deserve experienced and knowledgable legal representation in order to fully recover.  Watson Grinding Plant Explosion Tragically Kills Employees The explosion at Watson Grinding & [...]