Texas Oilfield Accidents

Texas Oilfield Accidents

Texas Oilfield Accidents

Oilfield Injuries

At any stage of the oil and gas extraction process, non-fatal oilfield injuries can happen for many reasons. In Texas alone, the Texas Railroad Commission controls the issuing of permits and citing violations, and the TRC finds tens of thousands of violations each year. These violations endanger workers. Oilfield accidents are often the result of these violations, which include oilfield equipment, vehicles, pipelines, storage, and other areas. 

Some of the more severe oilfield accidents involve hazardous chemicals, electrified equipment, fires, explosions, leaks, and blowouts. 

Causes of Oilfield Accidents 

Oilfield accidents can have many possible causes. They are often attributed to one or many of the following:

  • Failure to:
    • sufficiently communicate safety procedures
    • follow new safety standards and procedure
    • provide proper training to all employees 
    • protect and train visitors to the worksite
    • maintain or replace faulty equipment
    • offer adequate safety equipment, including helmets, goggles, and suits
    • provide working fire suppression equipment
    • TRC to cite violations
  • Improper:
    • maintenance and inspection of equipment
    • construction of equipment
    • construction of safety items, including rails, steps, and frames
    • storage of hazardous fluids
    • cracks and fissures in pipes, lines, and other means of fluid transportation
    • cracks and fissures in storage units, including tanks, trucks, and other units.

Houston Oilfield Accident Attorney

Texas Oilfield AccidentsWorkers injured in oilfield accidents are entitled to compensation for their injuries, and these damages often extend beyond workers’ compensation. If the injuries are serious enough and the employer acted negligently, an injured worker can pursue a claim for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, permanent injuries, diminished work capacity, and other damages. 

Be aware that employers, their insurers, and attorneys will try to minimize your damages, offer you a small settlement, or even deny your claim entirely. 

The state of Texas has more oilfield accident deaths than any other state, so it’s important to hire a Houston oilfield injury lawyer with knowledge of the law. If you or someone has been injured or killed in an oilfield accident, you don’t have time to wait. Give us a call immediately so that we can help you learn your rights when dealing with an employer of filing a claim. 

Oilfield Accidents in Texas

The United States is a producer of tens of hundreds of millions of barrels of oil annually, and there are nearly 11,000 oilfield workers in the industry. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that there are nearly 120 fatalities related to the oil and gas industry annually. Those injured in the oilfield are often at risk of suffering from severe injuries compared to those working in other industries due to the dangers of the work. 

Workers who are injured on the job need the help of an experienced Houston oilfield accident attorney. Connolly Law is dedicated to helping those who’ve been unfairly injured due to the negligence of a large oil company. Kevin J. Connolly’s experience on both sides of these cases gives him a competitive advantage both in and out of the courtroom. Give us a call today at (832) 767-3568 to discuss your case.