Is a Dash Cam Useful For Drivers in Texas?

Is A Dash Cam Useful For Drivers In Texas

Is a Dash Cam Useful For Drivers in Texas?

Police having body cameras and dash cams has been in the news in the last couple of years. For a long time, dash cams were primarily used in police vehicles. As technology has improved, become more affordable, and in times where videos and pictures are a daily activity of many people, having dashcams on personal vehicles have grown in popularity. These cameras can provide you video footage of anything that is occurring around your vehicle. If you are involved in a crash and injured by a negligent party, this video evidence can greatly benefit your case. 

There are tens of thousands of crashes that happen in Houston alone. Every time you are driving on the road you are at some risk for an accident. The more documentation you have the stronger your case can be. A qualified and experienced Houston automobile accident injury attorney will know how to compile evidence and guide you on what to do so that your claim is successful. 

Why Use A Dash Cam In Texas?

There is video documentation that can greatly add to your case. It is hard to dispute visual evidence of fault. Even if the camera doesn’t capture indisputable evidence of fault, it will provide detailed information on the accident. The weather, the location, stoplights, or stop signs. It is so important that after a crash you write down what you remember while it is fresh in your head because any detail can be crucial to your case. A camera can hold all of this information so that you don’t miss a thing.

So many actions can lead to a fault in a crash. Not obeying the rules of the road is high on the list. Many people will run through traffic lights or not completely stop at a stop sign, and data composed from the Texas Department of Transportation, this is a major problem in the state. When you have visual evidence backing your side of the story, you can easily avoid a back-and-forth with the other party and establish clear fault much quicker.

Another valuable reason for having a dashcam is that hit-and-runs are far too common in the state.  A camera recording the events that are taking place around you will capture the information of any driver who commits this crime against you. The camera will provide you the information you need to find the liable party so you can obtain your full legal justice. Also, if your camera has GPS this is an added bonus. Should your vehicle be stolen, the GPS will help you locate it which gives you more security.

What Are Dash Cam Laws In Texas?

Is A Dash Cam Useful For Drivers In TexasThere aren’t written laws in Texas indicating that dashcams are illegal. The placement of your camera is important though. Drivers are not permitted to have anything attached to their windshield, side mirror, or rear window which would obstruct views or make visibility difficult. To have the information be suitable for court, anyone recorded in your footage must provide you with permission to use it.

If you have dashcam footage of an accident that was not your fault, an experienced Texas personal injury attorney from Connolly Law will review the video to see if it can be used in your case.

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