Do I Need a Houston Trucking Injury Lawyer?

Do I Need a Houston Trucking Injury Lawyer?

Do I Need a Houston Trucking Injury Lawyer?

Semi-Truck Accidents Can Be Complicated

Compared to other types of crashes, trucking collisions are much more complex. There are multiple factors that are involved in these types of crashes and many parties who may be found liable, including the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck’s manufacturer, and even the maintenance company responsible for the vehicle. All these parties may be partially liable for the accident. Trucking companies have a team of experienced attorneys on call just to handle accident claims. That means you need your own Houston 18-wheeler accident attorney to help you handle the details of your case and protect your legal rights. 

Settlement Negotiations for 18-Wheeler Accidents

The insurance company is going to try to help you settle the case as soon as possible — for the lowest payout they can. If you are unfamiliar with truck accident claims, you may end up with a settlement that is far below what you really deserve. It may even be insufficient to cover the full value of the damages that you sustained due to the accident. The insurance provider may even attempt to prove that you were partially liable for the accident or that your injuries were unrelated to the crash. This could result in you obtaining a much lower payment and an unfair settlement. 

Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Do I Need a Houston Trucking Injury Lawyer?In some cases, the cause of the accident needs to be determined by your personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will gather and review the documents that will establish the responsible party. Accident reconstruction may be required to determine what took place right before, during, and after the collision. The trucking company has key information that an experienced Houston trucking injury attorney will know how to obtain, including data recorders and logbooks, maintenance logs, and safety inspection reports. These documents are key to proving liability and to ensure that you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. 

Contact a Houston Trucking Injury Lawyer

You should contact a qualified truck accident attorney right after the accident, because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to obtain the documents needed to prove negligent for your damages. You should not hesitate to contact a lawyer because the trucking company already has its own legal team working on the case. When you have your lawyer working on the case, you can be assured that your legal concerns are being handled confidently. Your lawyer will make sure that you recover physically and emotionally from the trauma resulting from the accident. 

Houston 18-Wheeler Accidents

In most cases, commercial truck accident victims in Texas are injured by reckless or negligent drivers, and the responsible party can be made to cover the damages resulting from the collision. For over a decade, Connolly Law has helped 18-wheeler accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve. Our qualified Houston trucking injury attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected under the law. Contact our offices today at 877-CONNLAW to discuss your case today.