Types of Injuries in Houston Refinery Explosions

Legal Options for Houston Oil Field Workers Injured on the Job

Types of Injuries in Houston Refinery Explosions

There are hundreds of injuries that a refinery worker can suffer in the event of a workplace explosion or fire. Because there is almost an infinite number of injuries, it is simpler to categorize explosion injuries based on their physical mechanism. Our team of Houston personal injury attorneys at Connolly Law has compiled a list of the most common Houston refinery explosion injuries. 

Blast Injuries

A worker can be hurled several feet into the air in a refinery explosion. In addition to injuries like fractures caused by an explosion, workers are often hit by debris that is sent flying after the blast. Because explosions are often accompanied by fires, many refinery safety experts consider them together when investigating refinery accidents. 

Burn Injuries

Types of Injuries in Houston Refinery ExplosionsRefinery explosions are often followed by fires and resulting in burn injuries. Burn injuries in refinery explosions can range from minor to fatal. Refinery burns can suffer from thermal burns or burns from coming into contact with chemical compounds routinely used in refinery operations. 

Inhalation Injuries

Many refinery explosions are followed by a release of toxic and dangerous gases that are often used in the refining process or are created in fires that accompany these explosions. When these substances are inhaled, they can inflict damage to lung tissue that may be difficult to treat outside of a major hospital or trauma center. 

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

As discussed earlier, many refinery processes require substances that are toxic to humans. Many of these substances have been found to cause cancer or birth defects — even years after initial exposure. Workers who believe that have suffered health issues due to a refinery accident should consult with a qualified Houston refinery explosion accident lawyer in order to pursue a claim for damages. 

Injuries to Those Near Refineries

Many refineries are located near residential areas and business districts throughout Texas, meaning that a sudden explosion or fires at a refinery can result in personal injuries and property damage in areas that are beyond the refinery’s boundaries. In most cases, the liability for these damages is placed on the refinery owner. In special cases, a refinery owner can be held responsible for losses even if an accident does not result in an explosion or fire. 

Houston Refinery Explosions

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